Rare Love Bug by Hanson Circa 1950

Wait a minute, I thought this was a blog about Modernism? Indeed it is. If I were to distill the essence of my understanding of "Modernism" it would mean any design that challenges the status quo and tempts us with a new and different way of solving the puzzle of what makes us happy in a living space. So with this criteria in mind, the golden age of trailer construction was pushing the limits on efficient use of space, clever customized design solutions for wheeled living.  The true mid century modernism for the everywoman (man) of its time.

Lucille Ball's Makeup Trailer?

I have not a shred of proof, only a wicked imagination.   But poring over the internet's vaults on the Love Bug Trailer, there's so little to find! Most of the Love Bugs out there are 16 foot tear drop trailers.  It has been proffered that this was a custom trailer.  In its original configuration, the bedroom looked more like a changing room with a big mirror. It also has its own door to the outside. That's one of the amazing things about this trailer - 2 fully operational doors with lovely wooden screen doors cleverly fitted. So if not Lucille, my bet is that this trailer was a custom order for some hollywood person who needed the comfort of a full kitchen, lounging area, and a private dressing, hair, makeup room!  Take a look and let me know what you think.

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It seems I've become the trailer guy on Maui.

People have been asking if this trailer is for sale.  It actually SOLD before it was listed. Sadly not to me! But I am glad to have been part of the transaction.  I was able to marry the seller of this trailer to the buyer who is a dear friend who needs a special place to live after suffering a health set back.  So this trailer is off to Oahu where it will be lovingly parked close to family members. In true Hawaiian style, this trailer is allowing a coming together of an Ohana (family) so that they can live in close proximity and share child care, food prep chores, gardening etc.  Such a win win! I would love to see more people using these vintage trailers as family glue.

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3D Tour

My first ever Matterport Scan of a Vintage Trailer!  Check it out...


All the photos in this article were taken by Liam S. Ball RB-21691