House as Landscape. Landscape as House.

I'm becoming the machine. I feel it. The iPhone to retina to brain highway is a well trodden path occupied by an army of persistent rhythmic marchers. It seems to go both ways from my brain back into the machine and in this way I feel like I am becoming the machine. It's not pretty. Perhaps that's why I find myself living in Hawaii - a place that demands an interaction with the natural world unlike any other. Hawaii is the anti machine. The de programmer. 

The natural world here is a teacher and a gift. A wise grandparent that offers texture - hardness, softness, wetness, warmth, heat cold. The ocean caresses with its warm gentleness and terrifies with its unruly strength. Hawaii in the most beautiful way it can calls us to WAKE UP! BE HERE NOW! And so the Clifftop House extends this same invitation. House as Landscape. Landscape as house. Spending time here is the de-machining Medicine we all long for. 

The house shape shifts the old story of "dwelling " and pulls itself out of the hillside like an extension of the land beneath it.  If you look at the house you can almost see the animation of itself creaking and creeping out of the planet's skin - wriggling out of the surface of the hill like a hatching creature of kindness - rising like a natural form, a tree, a mountain, and in its final resting place offering the generosity of shelter and joy.

From the accomplished architectural team Dekleva Gregoric the house is also celebrated in a virtual museum exhibition at If you would like more information on acquiring this property please contact me directly - Liam Ball RB-21691 808.280.7809

A few photos below celebrate the interior and exterior form of the house.  Be sure to watch the video below!