Monolithic Simplicity in the ❤️ of Wailea/Makena

Flash back to 1993. My first visit to Maui. No smart phones, no internet to speak of. A frozen Canadian boy arrived and spent my first night in a Kihei condo with a view of a parking lot. (Cue Joni Mitchell) The first friendly creature I met was a rather sizable cockroach who was co inhabiting my dark and depressing bedroom. In those days I was a typical Canadian tourist - slowly ridding myself of winter PTSD, and starting to have my rigidity peeled away by the sweet warmth of mother Maui. Needless to say, my cockroach friend and I did not hit it off. First morning task - I need to find a better place to stay. “It’s not personal roachie roach, it’s just that we were not meant for each other.” My next stop - by the grace of a wonderful Property Manager in the now defunct Wailea Shopping center was to arrive at the top floor of the Polo Beach Club in Makena. Sometimes those Real Housewives of Toronto rants are purposeful: “I did not come ALL THE WAY TO THE MIDDLE OF THE PACIFIC TO SLEEP WITH A ROACH BESIDE A PARKING LOT!” And so I had my first introduction to the splendid monolithic simplicity of this one of a kind Makena Oceanfront Resort.

Introducing Polo Beach 708 [This is not your grandmother’s condo.]

I say that with the greatest respect to all grandmothers everywhere. Actually my grandmother had a sophisticated design sense and lived in a 1960s modern multilevel house in Montreal that she begrudgingly moved into with all her Scottish antiques. She turned it into a marvel of style. In any case, Polo Beach 708 has recently undergone a thoughtful remodel that has kept many of the warm elements of the original build, but brought the condo into the present with a symphony of light, bright, comfortable elements that make you feel you are at a spanking brand new resort. (Fortunately for all of us guests, absent is the dreaded pullout couch in that faded palm tree brocade fabric.) My love and fascination for Polo Beach has endured some 25 years later. A feather’s drop from the Fairmont Kea Lani, and an easy walk to Wailea’s most storied resort restaurants, hotels and shops, the building sits tall, yet unpretentiously on one of the world’s most esteemed Makena beachfront locations. (The building was built prior to the enactment of height restrictions. We love our height restrictions, but It’s also quite a thrill to be flying high above the water in Polo Beach 708)

Bitcoin or Beachfront?

I am not licensed to give investment advice, but if I were asked where I would like my hard earned life’s work to be stored, and someone asked me the following: Would you like all this value stored in a virtual blockchain on a hard drive, or a hundred feet or so away from the rich warm waters of the Pacific Ocean in the rock solid concrete walls of the Polo Beach Club? Oh and looking at the pictures above - can you wake up in the morning and enjoy fresh Maui roasted coffee on the Lanai of your Bitcoin holdings? I think the choice is clear. Luckily for you this 2 Bedroom Condo is available for sale. You can see the MLS information for this listing by visiting

If you are interested in acquiring this chunk of fabulous, please reach out to me directly via email, phone, or text. Liam Ball RB-21691 808.280.7809

A big Mahalo to awesome listing agent Phylleen Jackson for assisting me with access for the article. (She has lived at and loved Polo Beach since the 1980s!) This property is currently listed by The Wailea Group LLC Brokerage. I may represent you as a buyer.

Bravo also to the design team of Shannon Thoner and Danelle Stevens of - Great work!