Piliwale Modern 

Spain and New York collide in this cheerful celebration of Kula Maui's spectacular view.

I don't know if Almodóvar movies could be considered Romantic Comedies - there always seems to be more neurosis than romance, but the effect is nonetheless endearing.  At 3 Piliwale Road in Kula, the neurosis has been chucked in favor of romance, art, and a masterful celebration of this pastoral 9 acre Maui agricultural site. The lady with the big nose making gazpacho and desperately clutching the red plastic phone is nowhere to be found - but the hints of orange and red are reminders of her vitality and character.  This place cleverly balances an acute Manhattan artistic style with a complete adoration of its setting.  The pictures may not show it, but any hardness in the structure dissolves into haze as the view, the breeze, the warm streams of a crystalline yellow white sun moving through wavy greens and the celestial lava lamp of white and blue take centre stage. (No need for TV here thank you very much.)

The owner who designed this house himself has successfully obeyed what I consider to be the laws of skillful modernism - namely to pare down the architecture to the simplest form that can allow the body to be in the geography with as little fuss as possible, but taking every possibility to inject some fun and style into the elements.  Himalayan Quartzite floors upstairs are acoustically soft, and a pleasure to the bare feet. The woodgrain of the stair treads is visibly celebrated and highlighted - each tread like a pen and ink drawing. Steel beams are painted and featured allowing them the double duty of boasting their strength and contributing to the style - lively brush marks on the canvas. The kitchen has an island that you could sleep on. (Well maybe not), but it definitely begs a hang out sesh and an overdose on steeped leaves and mouth stinging cheeses with names you can't pronounce. And those spider leg light fixtures? Sign me up.

On Maui, privacy, space, and views are often elements that need to be in heated competition.  If you want views, you sacrifice privacy and you can't have it both ways.  Not so here.  The hilltop setting protected by 9 acres welcomes these elements to the party in equal measure. This house wants you to paint, sing, do naked yoga, garden, eat, and ponder how to bring your compassionate vision of a better world into form.

I'm happy to report that one of my buyers has secured this property so it is no longer for sale.  Photography by yours truly: Liam S. Ball R(B) Hawaii Life Real Estate Brokers