Shane Robinson

I'm excited to feature Modern on Maui's first fine art photographer Shane Robinson.  Shane's work is ethereal, colorful, and his unprocessed in-camera technique for capturing Maui's beauty creates still images that convey motion, swaying life, and movement much as the Wailea breezes toss the ti leaves, or the Iao stream constantly delivers its swift currents from the uplands to the sea.  The art straddles different media and sits somewhere between photography and abstract painting.   I see it as one degree of abstraction - a captured photographic moment blurred and shifted by the camera's lens as it passes through space and time.  The result, unlike traditional photography, is a palate of micro moments, and an image that doesn't present just one idea or scene, but gives the viewer a launching place of color that along with an engaged imagination creates a piece of art that can be re interpreted over and over again.


Below are just a few examples of Shane's work.  Click on over to his beautifully curated website to see a more comprehensive body of work.     This too: