Toothpicks and Glue

 A House with a Legend: Did an architect's son design this house as his Architecture School Senior Project?

One of my fondest memories of 6th grade was being given a few boxes of toothpicks and a jug of Elmer's Glue and being told "Build Something".  It was a rare moment of creative freedom in an otherwise mundane stream of academic obligations - common learning tasks I might crudely characterize thusly: "Memorize a bunch of factual shit that other people had the joy of discovering."  But this box of toothpicks was liberation and wonder - its woody bland scent was the hint of something not yet pulled into form. 

Our teacher Mr. Smith - a linear thinking man with intestine coloured leather shoes, unstyled hair and a hockey loving face that broadcast a vague but absolute hint of life disappointment, blithely dumped the boxes onto our desks - himself looking uncomfortable with the quizzical looks, wondering how he will respond to the mutinous objections from those who wanted the known, those who dreaded the discomfort of being forced into the creative process.  Oh the sweet squeak of the tables turning! [insert long squeaking sound effect here] - For the dread that I so often felt having to trudge through the snow to Hockey practice was now being proffered to the Hockey Jocks. No escape for them. For me, it was an invitation into a world of imagination and possibility. Days later I had an elaborate multi-purposed, multi leveled toothpick tower of power, the only project in my class that had a moving part - a toothpick swing! It was the first emergence of my closeted architect brain.

And so here we are at Kolohala Street in Kula Maui beholding the "toothpicks and glue" of someone who may have had a similar awakening in her or his childhood. Legend holds that this house is the result of an architecture school senior project. True or False? We may never know but regardless, the house is thoughtful, clever, beautiful, and site smart. In the interest of showcasing this house as though it were in an old Architecture text book, I present some black and white images of the house (a real estate faux pas!) - Black and White Photography is anathema to sales but does a great job of presenting structural form - so I offer these to your retinas as form sketches.  The reality is that the house is warm, colorful and comfortable.  Scroll down to see color photographs by Reinhard Elischka of Maui Zoom.

This property was listed by Coldwell Banker Island Properties and a special thanks to listing agent Kelly Swanson R(S) for spending time and energy to help me produce this article. This house sold for full asking price of $995,000.

Contact me if you would like acquire similar properties:  Liam S. Ball R(B) Hawaii Life Real Estate Brokers 808.280.7809 Listing details can be viewed HERE


Bonus Features of this Property:

  • Cute as a button detached Ohana with potential for stunning Kula Views
  • Stairs to the flat roof allowing for outstanding star gazing, and super easy access to maintenance of skylights, flashing etc.
  • Wood Burning Fireplace in the Master Bedroom
  • A Rare Stainless Steel Vintage Cook Top - email me for pictures!