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A Structural Painting made of Light, Wood, Softened Concrete

Concrete can get a bad rap. Thanks to Joni Mitchell's parking lots, "Brutalism", and other assorted offense of the 1970s era, the mere mention of the word can make people recoil and if you want a hard to swallow example, check out my article on this Front Street Behemoth

At this Ikena Kai property designed by Jim Schmit, concrete floats and feathers itself amongst swirling lines of light,  warm woods, and tatami mats. It's a functional tango that both honors the strength of Maui, as well as the softness of its flora and fauna. Never imposing itself, the concrete shadows wood in the entrance (The board forming allows the wood to transfer its soul to the concrete's surface.) It then exits stage left and hums its way through the house underfoot as finely polished softened "clay". 

Japan and Maui - old friends

It's difficult to think of Hawaii without the fond influence of Japan. The owners, one from Japan and one from Maui have extracted the perfect essential oil of their pairing and allowed it to govern the unfolding design of this house. From Japan: The Tatami mat room, the hallway scales that morph and squeeze you from public space into comfortable sequestered privacy. From Maui: A rich celebration of both mountain and ocean views, wide welcoming openings to a generous lanai, and a humility that roots deeply into the earth. I confess I think I squealed when I first walked through the house. Not only was I wooed by the view and the warm air, but I was also tickled by a lingering paradox: the house while being composed of elements you might find in a self satisfied modern art gallery, has a friendly playful unpretentious character. And then there's the furniture and art. Spartan, colorful, comfortable, stylized. Take a boo at the pictures below and see if you can't sense what's going on here.  

Going, going... GONE

I write about anything that's exciting, but sometimes these finds are for sale.  Such was the case with this house and the house has SOLD. If you would like to investigate a purchase, I would be happy to represent you as a buyer.  Call, Text, or email me Liam Ball 808.280.7809 liam@hawaiilife.com 

Property was listed by Maui Home and Life. Special thanks to listing agent Kathy Ross who assisted me with access. 


Walkthrough Video

I did a quickie walking tour of the house.