Hunton Conrad

Hunton is a bit of a local legend.  He's first and foremost an intelligent artist - a photographer, landscape designer, house designer, interior designer, visionary, and the head of his own architectural firm Hunton Conrad & Associates Inc.  He brings the understanding of all these disciplines together to craft houses and spaces that integrate art, furniture, landscape, views, and human needs into structures that connect with their sites.

He is comfortable creating on a grand scale, and a small personal scale, and growing up in a Hawaii sugar industry family has given him intimate knowledge of historic plantation architecture. This insider "local boy" context and life experience helps to imbue a uniquely Hawaiian sensibility into his more modern work.   Take a look at the 'Omaopio Ridge house he designed in the photo gallery below - incorporating earthy hawaiian elements into a modern livable form.


Photography: Mary Sloan


Liam S. Ball R(S)  808.280.7809

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