Door of Faith Road, Maui, Hawai'i

The dreamworld manifests itself in the lush cliffside jungle of Maui's legendary north shore enclave "Huelo" as this fanciful living architectural sculpture.  Taking cues from the towering palms, and brightly colored tropical foliage, this residence is a collection of shapes, objects, and surfaces carefully assembled into an entirely appropriate form of jungle modernism.  Built in 1991, the house has some innovative use of typical construction materials resulting in never before seen patterns and textures.   (Note the checkerboard layout of standard asphalt roofing shingles in alternating patterns creating a rich artistic surface on the garage.)  The house has an excellent diversity of scales, each one appropriate to its use - soaring open living areas, muted and contained library, efficient Manhattan style kitchen open to the dining and living -  and the bedroom suites are remotely situated at far corners each with an intimate and private feel, and all and everything having generous openings into the garden surrounds.    

This was taken off the market temporarily.  Please contact me for an appointment to view this piece of art:  Liam S. Ball R(S)