Halama Modern

AKA: The death of the Tiny House.

I love Tiny houses on so many levels.  I think they are springboards for innovation and experimental canvases for understanding how to marry the needs of the average human with a structure governed by rigid constraints.  But I love Tiny houses from a safe distance, the way I might love watching an extreme surfing video.  I don't actually want to live in a Tiny house other than maybe as a weekend getaway.

What you see below, however is a truly sustainable and stylish residence that sacrifices nothing in terms of space and/or livability and it accomplishes all this with an interior area of 580 Square feet.  Niko Preovolos of Dwellingpoint Design has fired up his keen sense of style and immaculate attention to detail and brought these disciplines to the realization of this artful guest cottage in Kihei, Maui.  There is nothing cramped, and nothing small about the space.  The ceilings soar, and vertical space has been generously used to make up for a small footprint.  The house lives and breathes with light and comfort.  No complicated unfoldings of tables, countertops, toilets required.  Even the beloved (despised?) murphy bed idea was tossed in favor of a permanent bed cozified with a beautifully finished pony wall.

I'll let the photographs speak for themselves.  Niko's talent is a resource that will not only delight you, but by my estimation, will improve the bottom line of any real estate project.    Photography by yours truly: Liam S. Ball R(B) Hawaii Life Real Estate Brokers