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Erin Moore

I discovered Erin through her work on the Outside House. If there were a devotional scale in the field of Architecture, then I would certainly find Erin in the category of "Pope" or "Archbishop" or some other high ranking official albeit without the corruption and political machination-ing. Not only has Erin built beautiful real world projects, but she is also a professor of architecture at the University of Oregon where she passionately enshrines and encourages the notion that Architecture can change lives, and redirect the course of the planet towards a healthier more thriving state. Changing lives in this context is not confined to the limited egoic notion of human lives but plant lives, bird lives, healthy water system lives etc. (a quick visit to her facebook page, led me to information on an architectural conference for bird friendly building design! - I had to double check to make sure I wasn't watching a Portlandia skit.)  

Architecture can be and should be not only a practice of art and design, but a social and ecological movement that leverages the built form to support aspirations of humanitarian and environmental harmony. Those are pretty lofty words I admit, but if you're a quart low on inspiration and are unconvinced about any of this, grab a mug of tea and listen to some of this in her own words in the youtube interview below.

Erin's Website and Other Projects

 FLOAT is Erin's digital corner so please take a look at what she has going on. To read about her WaterShed project take a look at this article on Dwell.com. In the meantime - have a listen to her interview:




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